Les petites entreprises d'espadrilles du Pays basque dans la tourmente

Small espadrilles companies in the Basque Country in turmoil

May 29 2020
In the Basque Country, in Mauléon, sandal makers have made thousands of espadrilles for the summer season. But the Covid-19 health crisis prevented the start of sales, endangering a local and artisanal economy
Mauleon la capitale de l'espadrille

Mauleon the capital of espadrille

May 29 2020
There are still beautiful artisans who keep the most beautiful traditions alive in the Basque Country. In particular that of the Espadrilles factory.
Pays basque : coup de fraîcheur sur l'espadrille

Basque country: a breath of fresh air on the espadrille

May 29 2020
The espadrille is our best friend in summer. Meeting with 2 creators from the Basque country
L'espadrille Don Quichosse Magasin Atelier

The Don Quichosse espadrille Atelier Store

May 29 2020
The tradition continues into the 21st century. At Don Quichos, we become our Espadrilles following the creation process of our ancestors.
Des espadrilles de créateur en édition limité au Pays Basque

Limited edition designer espadrilles in the Basque Country

May 29 2020
A sandal maker from Mauléon asked Basque artists to sign the designs for his espadrilles. The current story of the new generation of Don Quixote.

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