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A story of generations

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Erreguible family, the house next door to the Cangrand family, started to make its first espadrilles in the cellar of their home.

Everybody in the family—father, mother, and children— worked together in the business. In the 70s, one of their grand-children, Henry, took the business out of the house and built a brand-new workshop. In 1989, he handed his savoir-faire over to Jean Jacques Houyou, who rebranded the company Don Quichosse. Throughout his career, Jean Jacques preserved the quality of the original product and developed new lines that were quickly welcomed by its clientele.

In July 2016, we came full circle. By a twist of fate, Timothée Cangrand, from the house next door to the Erreguibles, took up the torch. Also a descendant of a family of shoe manufacturers, he settled in the Don Quichosse workshop.

After four successive generations, the 425, the original hand-sewed espadrille, remains the same.